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Eyelash extensions vs. Nail salon lashes

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

So, we've all heard the lash extension "horror stories"...... I don't know how many times I've heard someone talking about how their lashes were ruined after going to the nail salon down the street and getting "extensions" applied for $30. First of all, most nail salons don't even do actual eyelash extensions. They either glue on temporary clusters with their nail glue or cut up strips and use those. This horrible technique is NOT eyelash extensions and I'm constantly standing up to defend my industry because of awful situations like this. In my opinion, if you're a nail tech, do awesome nails. If you are a lash artist, do awesome lashes. I'm not doing nails at my lash studio, because quite frankly, I'd suck at it! Eyelash extensions, when applied properly by a trained, licensed lash artist will not damage your natural lashes at all. They are isolated lash by lash and applied to 1 eyelash at a time, they grow out with your natural lash growth cycle. In most cases, the method of lash applications that are done at the nail salons is not a proper eyelash extension technique.

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