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Lash Extensions and Your Clients 

This technique has taken the beauty industry by storm... With each lash applied directly to the base of your clients own natural lash, This service will cause no harm to the client's natural lashes.  During a Full Set lash application process which generally takes approximately 2 hours,  you can expect your client to lay back and relax.  The procedure is comfortable and most of the time they fall asleep.

By adding this valuable service to your repertoire of lash procedures offered you are guaranteed to make your money back.   


Frequently Asked Questions & Class Schedule

Why do I need to sign a consent form even though I am older than 18 years old?

SUTD and Greenprint Club requires all participants to fill a declaration to be able to participate in an event organised by the club.

Is it necessary to attend Design Thinking Workshop?

Yes. Design Thinking Workshop focuses on the Design Thinking Process and is compulsory since the Competition requires the implementation of the Design thinking process in development of the solution.

Can we use ideas that the government/UN have already used?

Participants are free to draw inspiration from ideas. However, a complete plagiarised idea will not be considered and the submission entry will be discarded.

Do we have to pay a registration/online workshop fee?

No. The competition does not require payment of any kind at any point of the competition. All participants who have successfully registered will be able to attend the workshops free of charge.

Would we get a patent/copyright issue for our ideas?

Participants own all rights to the Intellectual Property produced by them or their team during the Competition, except for the winners of the First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize of the respective categories, where the Intellectual Property produced by the winners of the above mentioned prizes for the Competition will belong to SUTD.

Who can sign up for the competition?

The competition has two categories:
Category A: Participants studying in ITEs, Secondary 3 and Above, Junior College, Polytechnic levels, International Baccalaureate (IB)
Category B: University levels both (undergraduates and graduates)
Note that students from different categories cannot form a team together.

What are the prizes awarded?

Each category will be awarded the following prizes:
i. First position: $1000 cash prize to the team
ii. Second position: $800 cash prize to the team
iii. Third position: $500 cash prize to the team
iv. Honourable Mention: $300 cash prize to the team
v. Social Media Competition: $10 Starbucks gift cards to each member of
the top 2 teams ($80)
vi. Audience Pick: $250 worth of Razer company mouse

How long is the competition?

The competition spreads from 2 January 2022 to 27 February 2022.

What happens if I cannot make a physical/software product?

The competition does not require a physical product. The focus of the competition is to produce practical real life solutions. The participant is free to come up with a physical prototype or a simulation or use any other ways of expressing their final solution. The proposed solution has to be supported by relevant research and case studies. It should be noted that a solution which has a physical prototype would not necessarily mean a better solution.

Am I allowed to participate individually?

No, participation is allowed by registering as a team of minimum 3 individuals and maximum 4 individuals.

Is it compulsory to submit the consent forms?

Submission of consent forms is a requirement for all participants irrespective of their age and the category they are participating in. The consent forms can be found in the Files section in Guide page. The consent forms have to be submitted along with the registeration form.

Is it compulsory to attend Speaker Session?

No. Attendance is not compulsory. However, all participants are highly encouraged to attend. The Webinar will be conducted online where Speakers from different fields talk about sustainability, the challenges involved and their insights. Check out the blog here for more details :

Is there a limit to the number of groups who can participate from each school/university?

No, there is no limit to the number of groups who can participate from each school/university as long as the group members belong to the same category and there are 3-4 members in each group

L.A.B NY Business Building Kit


The Lash and Brow NY Kit has everything you need to get your Lash Extension Beauty Career started.  

Included in your kit:

  • High-Quality Tweezer

  • L.A.B. NY Undereye Gel Pads

  • 3 Mixed Trays of L.A.B. NY Eyelash Extensions In B, C, & L Curl

  • L.A.B. NY Adhesive 10ml.

  • Disposable Mascara Wands 

  • Micro-brushes

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