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Brow Lamination Course

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What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is the hottest new trend in eyebrows and it's making some serious waves in the beauty industry! This service creates the look of full, fluffy brows in one simple appointment by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape. The results are GORGEOUS and visible right away, providing instant gratification which you and your clients will love. The lamination effect lasts up to 8 weeks - which means that it's the perfect service for beauty professionals because it has a short learning curve and promotes a cyclical returning customer base!

With a price point of $150+ your yearly earning potential is $130,000 based off a 5 day work week.

combing the hairs in the eyebrows with a brush after the procedure of coloring and laminat

Brow Lamination Benefits

As the popularity of brow lamination quickly grew, so did the need for specialized brow lamination products. Due to a lack of availability of custom formulated lamination products and the absence of proper training, many artists were resorting to using "lash lift serums" to perm the brow hair. Although all perms operate using the same basic principles of realigning disulphide bonds, traditional perm and lift formulations vary greatly in terms of ingredients and PH levels. Through research, experimentation and experience with both alkaline and acid formulations along many spectrum of the PH scale, we found that many lash lift serums were much too strong and harsh to be used on delicate brow hair and sensitive facial skin - often resulting in inconsistent strengths, processing times, and even damage to brow hair, irritation on the skin and unsatisfactory results because lash lift products were never meant to be used on brow hair and surrounding sensitive facial skin. Additionally, it's important to note that using lash lift products on the brow area is considered to be an 'out of box' application, meaning, it is not approved or recommended by respective lash lift manufacturers, thus making 'out of box' application of lash lift products on the brow hair uninsurable via most insurance providers. 

Enter, “Brow Boost”Lash and Brow NY Brow Lamination System. 

Brow Boost was created to bridge the gap and provide artists with a specialized brow lamination system complete with customized ingredients and strengths which have been specifically formulated and balanced for use on brow hair. The Brow Boost formula is designed to perfectly shape and set brow hair without over processing, while maintaining a PH level which remains gentle on sensitive facial skin.⁣⁣

When your clients ask which products you use for brow lamination service, you can confidently show them your specialized Brow Boost Lamination System and proceed without hesitation knowing that you are providing your clients with a customized system designed specifically for eyebrow lamination. 

  • How is Microblading Done?
    We will first numb the area to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. We then measure the area to assure symmetry and proper placement of each hair stroke. We box off the brow and decide on the best-suited shape for your facial structure. We then color match and custom blend the pigment that best suits your skin tone. Once we complete this process, we begin the procedure. There will be numbing agent applied throughout the entire procedure to assure a virtually painless treatment. The Beauty Bar strictly adheres to all NYS health and sanitation guidelines. All tools that come in contact with the skin will come directly from sterile packaging and will be disposed of after each procedure.
  • After Your Appointment
    Your technician will apply a barrier cream that should stop your brows from producing plasma (white blood cells) so all you have to do is avoid getting your brows wet and then remove the cream as written below in 'cleaning'. However, if you do notice little beads of clear liquid oozing out, this means the barrier cream hasn't worked and you should for the first 24 hours, clean them every 3-4 hours to stop the plasma from drying on your skin and forming a scab. Cleaning: Dampen a cotton round with water, start at the front of each brow and wipe gently across twice. If you have used a little too much water and the brows might be a bit wet, dry them with a dry cotton round and the same motion. After cleaning is a good time to apply a very thin layer of coconut oil or vitamin E cream unless you have oily skin. For a week (7 days) after your procedure, continue cleaning them like this morning and night. Keep your brows dry, in the shower make sure they aren't directly under the water and pat them dry with paper towel after your shower just in case it was a bit steamy. Do not use your body towel, too much bacteria! Do not use makeup on your brows until 2 weeks after your appointment. Avoid the brows when washing your face. Moisturize from below your eyes and down while they are healing, if you moisturize your forehead it may travel with body heat and replicate oily skin which is not good for healing. If your brows feel particularly dry, you can use a very thin layer of coconut oil or vitamin e cream. Make sure it's a thin layer, as the healing brows need to breathe. You can do this around 3 times a day, but clean the brows as above in between applications.
  • Post-Appointment
    Aftercare is crucial, it is very important to follow these instructions to ensure proper healing and color retention. Results will vary for all individuals and we can not guarantee your results. Expectations: Your brows may not heal perfectly after the first session. This is a 2 step, sometimes multiple step, process. The pigment can fade, come back and appear patchy/gone usually in weeks 2-4 of your healing process. This is normal. If anything doesn't stay, this is exactly why we have the adjustment appointment. Immediately after your procedure brows will appear darker and more defined and this can last from a few days to over a week. Days 2-4 your brows will be much darker and can appear more 'blocky' with thicker strokes, they do not stay this dark or thick Around days 4-5 you will experience flaking, scabbing and your brows may look dry. Do not pick the flakiness off, let them come off when they are ready. You can actually remove strokes completely if you pick off healing bits of skin. At this stage, dab your brows when cleaning instead of using a wiping motion, so as not to disturb the flaking skin. Your brow tattoo will take up to 5-8 weeks to fully heal. When the flaking comes off the hair strokes may seem faint this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brow tattoo. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes will become clearer. You may experience itchiness in the brows after the 10 days for up to 2 months due to the healing process of the dermal layer, you can use a thin layer of coconut oil or vitamin e cream to help with this. Not everyone's hair stroke brows can heal clean and crisp. Hair strokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined. Also for those who bleed more may tend to need more touch-ups as the blood pushes the pigment out and results in less retention.
  • Things To Avoid
    Do not go into high sun exposure during the healing process, UV Rays can alter the pigment of your tattoo. Do not use cleansers, soaps or any other creams on your brow tattoo. Wash around the area using a cleaning cloth or makeup wipe. Do not run direct water on your brow tattoo. This is especially important in the first few days, you do not want to wash out any pigment. Do not use Vaseline, Neosporin or any petroleum-based products on your tattoo. Only use coconut oil or vitamin e cream, and only use a very thin layer. Do not use any makeup, creams, exfoliants on the brows for 2 weeks. Do not go into saunas, pools, and steam rooms. Do not get massages or facials or skin treatments during the healing process. Do not use exfoliants, retinol acids, or AHA’s on the area for 30 days after the appointment, it will fade the pigment. Do not have laser on or near your brows. This can do crazy things to the pigment.
  • Adjustment
    Two appointments are necessary to perfect your brows, sometimes more sessions are needed. Typically the first appointment we are able to build a strong shape. The adjustment appointments are used to perfect the brows by making any aesthetic changes you would like, we can add density and make them darker if needed. This is a process and some clients may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired result. It is your responsibility to book your touch up appointments. With the high demand sometimes it takes about 2 months to get a touch-up appointment so please plan accordingly. If your tattoo comes back too faded additional charges could apply. Ladies with darker skin, micro-pigmentation may not look as bold or sharp compared to lighter skin clients. Some skin types just have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional sessions, especially if it is oily, sun damaged, you have had your brows previously tattooed or if there is scar tissue.
  • Long-Term Care
    Because of the nature of semi-permanent tattoo, there can be no guarantee of the results. Everyone’s result will vary due to skin type, lifestyle and the initial 10-day care and long-term care of your brow micro-pigmentation. Use at least SPF 50 to protect your brows. Do not use chemical exfoliants on the brows, this will cause the brows to fade quickly. Do not have any kind of laser on or near your brow area. As the pigment fades the strokes will get fainter and less defined. Maintenance is required to maintain desired results. Touch ups are done on average every 9 - 12 months to maintain your brow tattoo, depending on how crisp you like to keep them. Hairstroke brows typically last 1-2 years for normal to dry skin types. Oily skin can last 6 months - 1 year depending on how well your skin retains the pigment.
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