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I want to get Microblading but I have oily skin!!!!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hi guys! I hear this all the time! Many artists don't share this information because it can deter a potential client... if you have oily skin, Microblading is totally an option for you, BUT you will need to have it retouched every 6 months. ✅ 

Here is a photo of a client who keeps up with her touch ups 

I have alopecia, is Microblading for me??? 

YES! Microblading would be perfect for you!  This service would change your life. If you were ever considering it, GO FOR IT!!! 

I have a scar in my brow and the hair doesn't grow there anymore, can I Microblade that one tiny spot???

Yes!  Some artists will do this for you and price it accordingly. Most artists will charge you the full price. 

I have a mole in my eyebrow, can I Microblade still???

NO! You can not Microblade over a mole, you can activate skin cancer cells that may be in the mole. It's an absolute no go at The Beauty Bar

Does Microblading hurt????

Ok folks, this is as honest as it gets... at The Beauty Bar, we apply a numbing gel prior to starting the procedure, the first pass will be scratchy in some spots.  There are areas of the brows that are more sensitive than others. The arch, for example, is a sensitive area.  Once your artist goes through the brow with the tool the first pass, numbing is applied again. Once you get through that initial pass you should be good to go!!! Be aware that the more numbing you ask for, your retention of the ink may be affected. It's only recommended to numb 2-3 times and that's it. But, after the second pass you should be totally comfortable anyway and not need it. 👍🏼

Those are the main questions we get at The Beauty Bar regarding Microblading. If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, email 

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