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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Are there any requirements that must be done before the training?

In order to perform practice with a model, you must finish the requirements. 

AFTER YOUR REGISTRATION YOU WILL GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH ALL THE PAPER WORK YOU WILL NEED TO FINISH BEFORE YOUR TRAINING DATE (blood borne pathogens course, health department registration, models client cards and etc.) You must submit the required forms and pay the fees with the local Health Deparment to obtain your Body Art Permit 

PERMITS AND REQUIREMENTS Agreement between student and company must be signed in order to start your training. ALL students must finish blood borne pathogens course prior the course. ALL US students must register and obtain a Body Art Permit with the Health Department prior the class. Your Body Art permit and Blood Borne Pathogens course must be valid in the county were the course is held!

PREPARATION Make sure you have at least 2 weeks for the online preparation module before your initial course date. Prior homework provided online is mandatory in order to work on a model. If you do not finish your online preparation module successfully you will not be able to perform the treatment on a model during the course. *Additional cases required after training and are not the responsibility or hosting duties of Lash and Brow NY. 

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