#theretentionisreal dries fast af too, eyelash extension adhesive- is just that! With a 9 week bonding time and 1-2 second drying time, this adhesive is our #1 seller for lash artists worldwide. Keep your clients happy and they will keep coming back. We wouldn't suggest this adhesive for students or beginners because it dries fast as fuc*, just like the bottle says. This adhesive is only available in 10ml size and keep in in the fridge so it lasts long af also! 
-Ideal for Volume & Classic lashing
-Formaldehyde Free/Latex Free
-1 second drying time
-Up to 9 week retention (or the duration of the natural lash cycle)
-Deep black color
-Recommended Temperature 74-82 degrees F
-Recommended Humidity RH 50/70%
-Little to no irritation reported

Eyelash Extension Adhesive