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Lash Styling!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Eye styling is about using lashes to create bespoke looks. It’s never a one style suits all. Mainly because there is no one style that suits all – and equally because who wants to look exactly the same as everyone else. Each person is as unique as their face is and each deserve the perfect set of lashes for them. That’s where we come in – or at least those of us who invest in ourselves to be able to create bespoke lashes. Each face needs a look that’s individual to them, so each lash tech needs to know how to apply lashes on an individual basis. And if you’ve ever looked at someone and thought ‘Whose lashes are you wearing’ you’ll understand why this is so important. You think I’m joking? I’m not – take a look around. Don’t just shop, people watch. If you commute on public transport, don’t just read, look up and see what some people are doing to their eyes. When you go to functions look at the time and money people have invested in their eyes and you’ll see what I mean. Lovely, fabulous people walking around with eyelashes better suited for someone else.  And often the best lashes don’t even look like eyelash extensions. For when lash experts get it right you don’t always know they’ve done the work. You may if they’ve done a set of eye catching fashion lashes or deliberately given a client a very different look for a specific occasion. But mostly when lash experts work their true magic – clients don’t look like they’re wearing eyelash extensions – they just look the best they’ve ever looked. And that’s what we want – clients looking their best and feeling good doing so. 

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