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Welcome to the world of lashes, here’s some helpful information to help you on your journey...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Now lets debunk some myths:

Red eyes after a service: Not Normal! This is usually caused by fume. A fume free adhesive will not turn the clients eyes red!Adhesives label themselves formaldehyde free but are they? The truth is no one adds formaldehyde to the bottle it develops as Cyanoacrylate cures or polymers form.

Most people who have these allergic reactions are reacting to the formaldehyde that is produced and not the cyanoacrylate itself. Formaldehyde is not just bad because of allergies but its dangerous for us to be breathing in all day long.

All lash extension adhesives are made with Cyanoacrylate as a base. This is what makes them long lasting. Cyanoacrylate is used as a medical adhesive in and on the body in its purest grades. All cyanoacrylate adhesives cure with moisture in the air. This curing or polymerization process is when formaldehyde is off gassed.Cyanoacrylate is used in everything from weapon production to medical sutures.  Medical grade CA is made in a way to be safe for sensitive skin, a flexible hold.

Companies that use lower grades of CA will cut it with lots of carbon to help counter the  formaldehyde production or have you use a nano-mister or nebulizer that adds moisture in the air to help “Shock Cure” it.

The problem with shock curing the adhesive is that you are going to get a rigid adhesive that isn't flexible or able to move with the natural hair and thus can cause damage. Also the process can actually release more fume. 


 The Truth About Masks

People ask me about what masks they should use to minimize fumes. I suggest use a fume free adhesive. Masks are not effective.

What about Masks? So Masks do not block fumes or VOC unless they are specifically made to do that, think gas mask or air exhaust.  Those cute paper medical masks could actually cause more harm than good because Cyanoacrylates react to cotton and linen causing heat and more fume that you could potentially breathing right in.

Paper or cotton masks can actually make fumes worse.  Unbalanced CA reacts with cottons and thus will produce heat. If you ever put your arm in it you may have felt your shirt get hot. Paper or cotton masks are more to protect the client from your germs than to protect you. Standard masks will not filter chemicals in the air if you are using a fumey adhesive. Those masks protect against particulate matter like dust for example. You would need a gas mask or extractor fan to get rid of fumes in unbalanced adhesives and that is not a good look!


We get lots of questions when people switch to our adhesive about how to use it.

In most cases when pros switch to LAB NY adhesive they tend to use  too much product because they are use to a thicker glue. The goal is to use as little product as possible to get an instant cure and flexible hold. The way Cyanoacrylates in general are composed they are meant to be used in a thin layer to cure quickly (this is called helmeting). Using more product than needed will only result in less retention and can cause coated natural lash hairs to become brittle and break.

If you are using the LAB NY Adhesive and find that the lash extension is sliding on the hair too much,  your volume fans are collapsing or you are having to hold for long periods of time for the adhesive to dry. You are using too much.  When you have the correct amount you will experience an instant bond on the hair. It will feel like a magnet to the lash. One drop of adhesive is more than enough for a full set. The LAB NY Adhesive will not dry out on the back of your gel pad so there is no need to keep dropping more adhesive through out your service. 


So what are the tips to prevent allergies and reactions?

Use a medical grade adhesive that is stable for in vivo use. Keep adhesive fresh. LAB NY adhesive last three months open, 1 year unopened and 15 months in fridge unopened.  Once its exposed to the air it starts to degrade so date your bottle and toss at 3 months!

I hope that I have empowered you all to know a little more about the products you are utilizing daily so that you can protect yourselves and your businesses.