• Allison Feliciano

Welcome to the world of lashes, here’s some helpful information to help you on your journey...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Now lets debunk some myths:

Red eyes after a service: Not Normal! This is usually caused by fume. A fume free adhesive will not turn the clients eyes red!Adhesives label themselves formaldehyde free but are they? The truth is no one adds formaldehyde to the bottle it develops as Cyanoacrylate cures or polymers form.

Most people who have these allergic reactions are reacting to the formaldehyde that is produced and not the cyanoacrylate itself. Formaldehyde is not just bad because of allergies but its dangerous for us to be breathing in all day long.

All lash extension adhesives are made with Cyanoacrylate as a base. This is what makes them long lasting. Cyanoacrylate is used as a medical adhesive in and on the body in its purest grades. All cyanoacrylate adhesives cure with moisture in the air. This curing or polymerization process is when formaldehyde is off gassed.Cyanoacrylate is used in everything from weapon production to medical sutures.  Medical grade CA is made in a way to be safe for sensitive skin, a flexible hold.

Companies that use lower grades of CA will cut it with lots of carbon to help counter the  formaldehyde production or have you use a nano-mister or nebulizer that adds moisture in the air to help “Shock Cure” it.

The problem with shock curing the adhesive is that you are going to get a rigid adhesive that isn't flexible or able to move with the natural hair and thus can cause damage. Also the process can actually release more fume. 

 The Truth About Masks

People ask me about what masks they should use to