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How to read client red flags as a PMU artist…

A client walks in and says: "Can you squeeze me in today?" Do you know how to respond? If you are as busy as most PMU artists these days you've likely had this situation happen at least once in person or on the phone. A client says please squeeze me in or wants to book a last minute appointment. If you look on some of the forums, the responses will be all across the board from "tell her off" 😳 (don't do that), to "finish your appointment fast and get that money" 🤭(don't do that either).... Lash and Brow NY is here to help you navigate those red flag situations and give you tools to better respond.

🚩 Situation # 1️⃣ To address the situation above, what we recommend is for you let the potential client know that unfortunately you don't take walk ins at the moment, but would be happy to give her a call later in the day to get her scheduled. Now, if she calls and wants to get in with you last minute, you can simply let her know that you don't currently have any cancellations but would gladly put her on a waiting list in case anyone does cancel. I would also advise her to go ahead and schedule your next available appointment so that she can get in as soon as possible.

🚩 Situation # 2️⃣ A client leaves you a BAD REVIEW.🤬 This is a tough one because as creatives, we tend to take things so personally. In the wise words of someone I know, "I invite you NOT to take this personally". In fact, you need to KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL 💯. Responding unprofessionally is always a bad look so it's best to respond with a few important points. Let the reviewer know that you hear what they are saying, and are always looking for ways to improve. DO NOT APOLOGIZE if you did nothing wrong. Address the situation from your perspective if you feel the need and keep EMOTIONS out of it. Lastly, thank them for taking the time to let you know how they feel. This will make anyone else reading the review thread see both sides. Then THEY can decide.

🚩 Situation # 3️⃣ A client with "no previous permanent makeup" walks in for her appointment and wants Microblading. EEEKKKK.. In this situation it's best to assess the previous work and give your recommendations for either removal (if needed) or a different technique. Although the client might be upset because they didn't get the treatment that day, you'll sleep better at night knowing you did the right thing. AND NEXT TIME - make sure you ask them before their appointment if they've had permanent makeup before or get a picture of their brows BEFOREHAND. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

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